5 Reasons Why I Chose Avon

I have been unemployed for over three years now as my family has expanded from “Mr. & Mrs.” to loaded-down Honda Odyssey. About a month after discovering my first pregnancy, I quit my last job as a server in a small restaurant. Consequently, for the last three years, we haven’t been able to afford our life. Especially during our time in seminary school, we have depended heavily on financial gifts and government aid to provide for our family. God has always provided our every need, and we are extremely grateful; however, I don’t believe God intends for us to live (financially) dependent on others for the rest of our lives. For a couple months now, I have felt a prompting to seek out my own path—some way I might contribute an income to move in the direction of financial independence. With all the products that I see young women selling from home these days, only one company came repetitively to my mind: Avon. My first attempt as an Avon Independent Sales Representative did not go over so well. However, I am confident in my discernment in this decision. So, without further ado, here are my 5 reasons for choosing Avon:

1) I don’t have to choose between being a mom or being an entrepreneur, I can do both!

I am a “Mom”preneur. Discipling my children remains my number one priority. Therefore, I needed a job that would allow me to stay home with them or take them along. Avon gives me that opportunity. I recall helping my mom sort out orders and invoices and driving around neighborhoods tossing books. Avon can (and for us, it will) be a family business. I won’t have to pay for daycare (which would be outrageous for 6 toddlers), and my business hours revolve around their schedule.

2) My business goes where I go.

December is creeping up quickly, and my husband will be graduating (Yay!). Sometime between mid-December and January, we will be moving. Presently, we aren’t even sure where we will be moving. I can sell Avon anywhere I go, and my local customers can still shop with me if they choose to. With my online eStore, www.youravon.com/larayeharris,  anyone can place an order to be delivered directly to their address. With purchases of $40 or more, shipping and handling is FREE!

3) I am a role model for my children, in beauty and business.

If I want my children to learn a biblical sense of beauty and business, I must lead them by example. My job is to teach them modesty and honesty. If I don’t teach my children to use these tools for God’s glory, Satan will use them to lure my children away from Christ. Notice, I’m not focusing on ONLY my daughters. My sons must be taught to respect women—their bodies AND their brains. Likewise, I want my daughters to respect themselves, as well as the men and women they will encounter throughout their lives. My husband and I are responsible for raising SIX of the millions of people coming up in the next generation; we aren’t going to sit back and let the world do it for us. We choose to take an active role in molding our children’s character; by running my own business (selling beauty products, no less), I will be presented with countless character-building life experiences for my children.

4) I’m pushing myself into the public eye.

This one may seem a bit conceited. I’m not yearning for attention. Quite the contrary, I have a bad habit of hiding. Call me hermit. This past year has been tough. Tough to get out of bed. Tough to find a reason to wear decent clothes. Tough to prepare and eat healthy foods. Tough to clean…anything. Tough to muster the will or time to walk out my front door. How many people can I reach out to if I stay cooped up on this side of the door? I know, I know, I’ve got six kids… I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. The first year with twins is the hardest. I know, because I’ve survived it TWICE. I know what’s waiting for me on the other side of December 9th when I cross that line a THIRD time. God’s calling me out the door, and I don’t have to dump my kids to do it; but, I am trading bottles for brochures.

5) I honestly love Avon.

I love Avon products. From makeup, to shampoo, to accessories, Avon offers the best products for your dollar. Honestly, the challenge of selling is not spending all your earnings on yourself; in fact, I’ve heard of women who only sell Avon to buy products for themselves.  Like any other business, they encourage good marketing skills, but customer care is of utmost importance. Avon representatives are part of a large, diverse family—something like a sisterhood. We encourage each other. We teach each other. We share our heartwarming stories and successes. I haven’t even placed my first order yet, but I have devoted a little time each day to build my business in some way. At the end of the day, I feel like I have accomplished something for myself, my family, and (ultimately) for God.