Date Your Daughter

Someday your daughter will give her most intimate self to someone. Just think about that. If you could decide who that will be, would you do it? As a father, you have a major influence over who she has sex with and when it happens. Your influence is determined by the quality and quantity of time you spend with your daughter(s). I have three daughters: Aniston, Madeline, and Magnolia. I’ve recently decided that I will date my daughters until they marry. It’s not enough to provide for them financially, I want to be very involved in their lives. Girls need to know what kind of man they need and deserve. Women are fragile-God’s most precious gift to men- and from infancy they should be taught how valuable they are. So how do I get my daughter to want a man that will give her the kind of a life that places God over her, thus cherishing her in the process? That’s simple… by spending time loving her and making her feel special; by taking her on dates where showcasing what the word “cherish” looks like in action; by taking her on ice cream dates where pulling the chair out for her time after time conveys the message that she is important; by praying over the meal; by praying for her specifically; by paying for her meal and sharing the Good News that Jesus paid the price for her sins so she wouldn’t have to. Men, it’s right there! It’s in these moments of small one-on-one time that we will change the world. This is what changing the world really looks like… leading those you love through serving them day-in and day-out.

            Here’s a challenge for you father’s out there: take your daughter on frequent dates. Those of you who work away from home need to get creative or get another job. I’m sorry that sounds harsh, but your daughters’ lives are more important than a certain lifestyle. If you absolutely cannot find a job closer to home, then skype or write letters. Do EVERYTHING you can to constantly be “the man” in your daughter’s life. Men are not meant to be absent or aloof. They were meant to be seen and heard and leading through serving. Remember men, one day your daughter will grow up and have sex. She will open her heart up to a man. Don’t be the reason she gave herself away to the wrong man at the wrong time. Instead, do everything you can to be the reason she waited for the right man on their wedding night. Date your daughter.


— J. Philip Harris

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