Time With My Kids


Time With My Kids

The air smells good here

Better than I’ve ever known

I stop a little while longer 

And let the sweet smell linger stronger


All the eyes that look my way

As if they call to me to say,

“Here I am, Papa.”


I love the sound of little words,

In here they only come in thirds.

I love the way they make the noise

Even when there are no toys.


I love their little fingertips

And all the messy bathroom trips.

I see the writing on the wall

And find it hard to see it fall.


I love the Panda and how she talks.

And the Owl and how she walks.

I love the Whale with his sad eyes.

And the Lion’s dapper guise.

I love the Monkey and her cheese.

And Elliot the Dragon’s sneeze.


I love the sleep I do not get.

But cherish more the moments when

I get to hold them close.


I stop a little while more

And revel in the dirty floor

The never-ending laundry pile

The leaving home that takes a while.


I breathe right in the chaos days

Wishing they would only stay.

I’m quite aware of how time flies

And, soon I’ll have to say goodbye.


I just wish that time stood still

And sat upon my windowsill

Where always I could take it down and

Spend it with my kids.


Written by J. Philip Harris

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