Everywhere the Kids Are


Everywhere the Kids Are

Written by J. Philip Harris


Kids are here, Kids are there

The kids I see are everywhere

I’m swimming in a toddler pool

Of poop and pee and puke and drool

The chaos ripe, as it abounds

That rhythmed, cacophonic sound

It’s heightened ring, I hear resound

Everywhere the Kids Are


The messes here, the messes there

The messes roaring everywhere

Like little flames set forth to fire

Consuming up the precious briar

And through the forest manor

It’s hectic, yes, I’m quite aware

With passing hyper critic stares

But something lingers in the air

That few will ever know


Kids are here, kids are there

Bringing with them pungent airs

Of joyous love eternal

A moment captured amongst the war

Of happiness felt like that of lore

But truest ever known


When time has left us standing here

Aged, creeping heads of steer

We will hold that love so dear

Everywhere the Kids Are


The air is sad; I feel it, too

The seasons change from green to blue

The light has left us in the dark

With our glowing flame

It may be small, but we can see

That Christ is leading you and me


Though the funny pits and pats,

The banging walls, the clicks and clacks

Are faint and distant echoes,

The love we gave in toiled past

will seeds be sewn in futures vast

Everywhere the Kids Are

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