The Hot Pursuit: A Gomer Story

Many moons ago, about this time last year, someone (Josh) got the bright idea to introduce our kids to the movie Frozen. Instantly, they were hooked. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t equally as obsessed. At some point, maybe a couple weeks or months after watching “YaYa” every single day, I noticed that every time Hans came on screen, Aniston’s face lit up. My one-year-old daughter had fallen in love with the bad boy. How did I let this happen? I desperately tried to convince her to like Kristoff by pointing out his good qualities. Mind you, I was speaking to a ONE-YEAR-OLD. She could care less. Of course, I had to bring this to Joshua’s attention, so together we watched Aniston watch the movie. He saw the same thing. It finally hit me, looking at her then looking at him: Hans reminds her of her PaPa. Alas, she is her mother’s child. Aniston still gets all dreamy-eyed every time she sees her Prince Not-So-Charming.

I wasn’t always one to go after the “bad boy”. I met my first two boyfriends at church. But, there was something about Josh. Of course, I didn’t see him in that light when he first messaged me on Facebook, “Hey, how do I know you?” He was/is quite the smooth talker, and I was instantly smitten, hanging onto his every word. It didn’t take long for people to start warning me about him. My dad, ex-boyfriends, basically anyone who had heard a story or two about my new love interest was letting me know he was a Bad News Bear. When I approached him about these stories, with no implication that they deflected my attraction to him, he started showing his true colors to me, as well. After only a few weeks of dating, Josh showed up at my house at 1AM, very distraught and angry. He wanted to give everyone a piece of his mind, and he wanted to break up with me before I beat him to the punch. That was the night I broke my own rule and told him those three little words. He was bewildered at the fact that I would still love him after everything I’d been told. After a couple more emotionally exhausting months, his bewilderment made more sense to me. After every random senseless argument, I found myself asking God why He made me love Josh. This guy seemed hopeless. Though we made many, many, MANY mistakes together, I continued to pray for God’s will and for tons of patience. God put the same love for me in Joshua’s heart that He had placed in me for Joshua. Slowly but surely, God used me to mold and shape Josh into the man He was holding out hope for all along. Josh had always been a kind, compassionate person but had been betrayed by people influenced by Satan. For over ten years Josh had lived a life controlled by addictions and discouragement. At first he made changes to his life to impress me. Eventually, his love for God surpassed his love for me, and here we are. Now, we are a month into the biggest adventure of our life (thus far) pursuing God and letting Him have total control.

In my minister’s wives class, we are studying women of the Bible. One of the women we studied last week was Gomer. Her story of hope can be found in the book of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet. God told Hosea to marry a harlot. That harlot was Gomer. Gomer continued to live promiscuously after her marriage to Hosea. They had 3 children together, and she still continued to worship pagan gods and live in sin. In the end, God tells Hosea to go and retrieve his wife. He paid another man to have his wife back. In Hosea 3:3 “[he] told her, ‘you are to live with me many days; you must not be a prostitute or be intimate with any man, and I will behave the same way toward you.” I can imagine that proclamation of love, after everything she had done, seemed bewildering to Gomer. That is the kind of love that can only come from God. In this story Gomer represents Israel, and essentially all sinners. Hosea represents Jesus Christ who paid the price of sin for us sinners. Oh, how He loves us!

If someday my sweet, compassionate daughter introduces me to her real-life Hans, that will be a hard pill to swallow as her mother. But, like my mother before me, I will have to trust that she is following God’s Will in a very trying pursuit. I may ask God why, but I will have hope. We are called to reach out to and love and witness to the “Gomers” of the modern world. Not to condone their behavior, but to encourage them that they can get out.

God loves me, and Josh, and our children, and He knew our entire future way back when Josh and I first met. God loves you, sin and all. And, He knows your future. He knows whether or not you will choose Him. He has paid the price of sin (death!) for you. If you are a follower of Christ, praise God! Now, extend that grace to the next person. If you are not a follower of Christ, God has already paid for you and there is no place you can go that He won’t pursue you.

I encourage you to read Hosea. You won’t be sorry. Also, if you’re interested in a great women’s bible study, I recommend Life Lessons From Women in the Bible by Rhonda Harrington Kelley. This study can be done individually or in a group. God Bless!



2 thoughts on “The Hot Pursuit: A Gomer Story

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart LaRaye. I am continuing to pray that God will use Josh, you, & your family to do BIG things for His kingdom.


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