What Takes Me Home?

Recently, my husband cooked a meal that he had often enjoyed throughout his childhood. He kept making the remark, “this really takes me home!” Then, he asked me what meal gives me that “home” feeling. I kept thinking about it, but nothing came to mind. He desperately threw suggestions at me, but nothing seemed to trigger that feeling.

Though many would consider my childhood to be a rough one, I did thoroughly enjoy it. I received the Joy of the Holy Spirit at a very young age. So, no matter what storms Satan threw at me or my family, God always saw me through it. Even before I knew The Lord as my personal Savior, I firmly believe someone was praying for His Guiding Hand over me. God is faithful to answer prayers when they align with His Will. As I watch my life unfold, I can see why He protected me. I have my fair share of scars, mental and physical, but I have still felt joy no matter what I was going through. 

God gifted me with the privilege of living on a large plot of land at the end of an old dirt road. That land holds most of my sweetest memories. That’s where my dad taught me to ride a bike, then my brother taught me to ride a dirt bike. That’s where my brothers and I spent hours on end cutting down trees to build trails. And, that’s where we were when our mom called us to dinner most nights.That’s where I built my own little sanctuary to pray and taught my niece how to talk to God just like a friend. That’s where I enjoyed going for a run with my dogs to clear my mind on a stressful day.

I couldn’t think of a meal that took me home because I didn’t value meal time the same way my husband did. I valued my time spent outside. That’s why, during the brief time we lived in Nashville, TN, I loved going running on a trail I found near a lake. What takes me home is going running through the woods and having that time alone with God.

I also was gifted with the privilege of growing up in small country churches. I remember singing the same hymns every Sunday: Amazing Grace, At the Cross, I’ll Fly Away, and I Shall Not Be Moved. Those are still my favorites! Today, when I enter a small church that still uses a hymnal, and I hear the music director call out a number, I’m taken back to those days. It’s a totally different experience to read the lyrics from a book than on a screen. The day I got my hands on a Heavenly Highways Hymnal of my own, I was ecstatic! I want my kids to experience that, too. As our children grow up in this electronic world, it’s our job to instill in them the love of books of all sorts. The most important books in our home are The Bible and Heavenly Highways, because that’s what takes me home.

These things I’m writing about (cherished meals, an abundance of land, God’s Holy Word on paper) are all privileges. They are extras. They are not necessary. I thank God for these privileges because He used them to lead me to the Greatest Privilege which is my Savior whom He sent for me. AND for you! 



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