From Truth Pervert To…

A beloved mentor and seminary professor of mine, Dr. Cliff Estes, once told me “we must get the Gospel right.” With that being said, there is so much Truth to give you and not enough space or time. So, I’m going to start with this post, and we’ll go from there. It seems to me that not only are we putting God in a box, but locking the box up and throwing away the key. When, on God’s green earth, are we going to stop being selfish, self-centered, Truth perverts and start being completely sold out Truth junkies? I grew up in a Christian home where my dad strived to teach me, day after day and night after night, about Jesus Christ. Tirelessly, he would try and get me to focus and stay awake during Bible study. I was “that” Christian, if you could even call me one. You know, the kind who has the privilege of growing up hearing the Truth but nonchalantly falls asleep during the prologue? That’s the one! As Stephanie Tanner would say, “how rude!” How very rude we are to even ponder falling asleep during a revelation of the Truth! Many nights I would fight my dad, tooth and nail, to avoid sitting through another boring episode of “the Bible series,” (and I don’t mean the television program, because God knows I probably would’ve watched that). I’m talking about the crackling of the old Wesleyan New King James Version opened to 1 Peter 2:2. Let’s be honest, most of us have the Bible read to us via YouVersion rather than taking the time out of our “busy” day or simply sacrificing a little sleep and waking up earlier to give God our best by physically reading the Bible aloud to ourselves out of something that’s NOT electronic. I’m sick of how poorly I treat God. I’ll be honest, most mornings I can barely fart my fat butt up off the bed, much less wake up any earlier to give God my best. So, I end up listening to the Scripture on my phone on my way to work; then I wonder why I succumb to temptation. Maybe it’s because I’m letting the devil do his job of perverting the Truth by making sure I don’t get my daily dose of it. How many of you out there can identify with me? I’m not trying to convict anyone. I’m already convicted myself, and the feeling sucks which is why I’m sick of it. By my next post, I will have completed a successful week in waking up earlier to give God my best because I crave the Truth. Will you do this with me? Will you be a…Truth junkie?

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